#5 – Guerrilla Sourcing — Topic Episode

Makers Unplugged – Episode #5 – Guerilla Sourcing
Episode Posted: December 2016
Roundtable introductions [0:38] Suit made out of pockets [1:37] Fixing a barn door [3:58] Common finds at thrift stores [6:05] – Bearings, motors, heaters, etc.
Making a virtual reality drop-floor [10:22] Why you need to go thrifting regularly [15:00] “Guerilla Sourcing” – What to look for and where to find it [22:00] What not to guerilla source [28:50] Laser-cut shamrocks [31:57] Maker Map [34:40] Junkyards and types of motors [36:30] Making stuff from pallets [41:25] www.instructables.com/id/50-Things-t…with-a-Pallet/
Habitat for Humanity ReStore [46:35] www.habitat.org/restores
Architecture supply and salvage stores [48:50] Construction sites and going-out-of-business sales [53:36] Stuff Redux Richmond, craigslist, estate sales, Harbor Freight, Michaels, Home Depot [57:05] www.thebalance.com/find-estate-sal…ur-area-1387737

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